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When a book surprises you

Carter Reed - Tijan

I figured I should make use of this little blog space here on Booklikes. Not really sure how yet so we'll see how it evolves, I guess. But I read a book recently, and no one I know has read this book, so I didn't have anyone to squee over it with. So I thought I would squee a little here.


It's strange how things affect you, when you don't think that they would. I have a very particular brand of books that I like, and recently, I stepped out of my little world and picked up Carter Reed by Tijan.


I have a hard time with some books out there right now because I'm really afraid of being burned or the subject matter might be a trigger for me. I was, after reading the blurb, intrigued, but still a little iffy on certain elements of the book. Rape is one of those triggers for me, so I read the sample, you know, so I would know before I bought it if I should read it.


And then I one-clicked.


Because it was intense, and fascinating, and luckily, not triggering. I'm a binge reader, so I went through this book in a few hours. But i think even if i weren't a binge reader, I would have binged it anyway.


It's gorgeous. And I wanted to share that. I'm not a reviewer. Just really loved the book. Of course there were some moments when I wondered how plausible it was, but in the end, it was awesome and I loved it.


I keep looking at the other books by this author, and wondering if I should read them, but I haven't picked them up yet. I'm still having cold feet about it, afraid that they might not be as awesome as this one is. I'll probably break down and buy more from Tijan, but i think I'm going to let this one percolate in my brain a while first.


How about you guys? Ever read a book that just blew you away that you didn't think would?